Tuesday, 17 February 2015


This morning I was a little bored as I couldn't go out as my Dad was at work so instead I did some Garden birding which was pretty good. From my garden I saw:
Collard Dove
Wood Pigeon
Blue Tit
Coal Tit
Great Tit
Sparrow Hawk

After a little while I decided to go and check the big Rowan tree just outside my house hoping to spot a Fieldfare or Redwing. I had a quick scan of the tree and I quickly spotted a little blob at the top of the tree, I lifted my bins and I nearly dropped them, there was a Waxwing sitting at the top of the Rowan Tree!!!!!!!!! Superb!!!! This brightened up my day a lot! As you could probably imagine I was really excited, I sprinted to go and get my camera, I was a little worried it would fly of before I got there but thankfully it didn't. I put the news out on a few sites and fairly soon a couple of people arrived and saw the bird well. It showed very well right out in the open which allowed me to get some nice shots. My Dad was at work so he was very jealous and he said he would be back in about an hour but about 5 minutes before he arrived the Waxwing flew off! When I told him you could probably imagine how he felt. While I was watching it another 2 Waxwings flew over but those 2 didn't land.



  1. I'm quite cool with it all actually. YOU LITTLE........;)
    Chuffed one finally turned up dude - repaying your faith and patience.

  2. Unlucky! Hopefullt this means we're set for a little late invasion! Great blog

  3. No waaaayyyyyyy! Right on your doorstep, fabulous :)