Monday, 16 February 2015

Crackers at the Coast!!!

On Sunday morning me and my Dad took interest in a Black Bellied Dipper which was around a place called Harpham which was only about an hour from me. We also had a few other target species to see which were the Surf Scoter at Filey, the Rough Legged Buzzard at Grindale and the Greenland White Fronted Goose at Flamborough.

At around 9am we arrived at the right spot (surprisingly!!) for the Black Bellied Dipper but sadly we asked around and not a single person had seen it, No!!!! We searched for quite a while but we didn't manage to relocate it. After a while we headed of to Grindale for the Rough Legged Buzzard.

At Grindale there was a few people with scopes so we asked them if they had seen that to and they said no!! What a brilliant start..... We waited and waited hoping to catch a glimpse of the Buzzard but we had no luck. Someone then said who was waiting for the Buzzard that the Surf Scoter was showing well at Filey so with no news on the Greenland White Fronted Goose, Filey was our next destination. With high hopes we rushed over to Filey Brigg, thankfully as soon as we arrived some birders pointed it out to us, Finally!! What a little cracker, a superb bird. One of my best highlights this year so far, views were brilliant, it was feeding just of the rocks plus through the scope it looked awesome, the light wasn't to good for pics but here is some of the shots I took.

Surf Scoter
On the rocks on the Brigg we spotted some cracking Purple Sandpipers which showed very well also on the rocks there was Dunlin, Oystercatcher and lots of Turnstone.
Purple Sandpiper
After a good hour or so watching the Surf Scoter we headed to Flambrough in hope of seeing the Greenland White Fronted Goose, we had some news it was still there so that was good to hear. It was quite a walk round to see it but while we were walking around we spotted Guillemots, Razorbills, a Common Scoter and a Stonechat. Thankfully we saw the bird but sadly it was very distant but we had nice scope views. Afterwards we went in search of the Rough Legged Buzzard again and this time we saw it! This was also quite distant but still we had great scope views, the main thing is that we saw it.
We were about to go home when some people said there was a few Snow Buntings just down the road at Wold Newton so we had a quick look there before we went home, we managed to see at least one Snow Bunting which we only saw very clearly flying around the field in a mixed flock of Linnet, Yellowhammer and we also managed to spot a Corn Bunting in amongst them.
Snow Bunting



  1. What a brilliant start to half term. I was hoping for a surf scoter over half term, so I'll see how it goes. really enjoyed your pictures.

  2. Although it started off pretty poorly, your determination paid off. Please don't ask to go and see anymore GWF geese though ;)
    Some brilliant photos Ellis, love that Purp Sand. Great day and your navigation skills are getting much better ;)

  3. At least you didn't have to lug your scope over the cliff top in biting wind to see the goose ;)