Sunday, 1 March 2015

No More Dipping This Dipper!

This morning I was hoping the Waxwing would show for a little while as it was a very nice day to get some photos but despite waiting for a while there was no sign until late afternoon when my Mum spotted it but by then we were already on the hunt for something else...

Me and my Dad were on our way to see the Black Bellied Dipper in Harpham with positive news on it this morning our hopes were high. After about an hours drive we finally arrived at the right spot. There was only one birder on site so we asked him and he said he had a good walk up and down the stream and he couldn't see it. Please no......... I really didn't want to dip the Dipper 2 times in a row so with not as high hopes we decided to have a walk up the stream. Thankfully within only about 2 minutes my Dad spotted it on the other side of the stream, get in!!!! I am really pleased to have seen this bird as I have heard on how well it has been showing. At one point it flew to the closer side of the stream where it came within about 4 feet, it was awesome to get so close. One of my best highlights this year so far. It was great watching bobbing up and down the stream looking for anything it can eat. A superb bird!!!!!!! It is much better when they show well.

Black Bellied Dipper
On the way back to the car we spotted a group of 14 Bullfinch which was very nice to see.


  1. Brilliant Ellis. Some really cracking shots.
    Highlight of the year for me.
    No one around and a private audience with a beautiful little water baby ;)

  2. Worth the second visit for sure. Superb images well done.