Sunday, 11 October 2015

Autumn Delights!

This weekend we travelled down to Spurn again, a few people suggested to us that it would just be as good as last weekend so we really couldn't wait.

We set off late morning and with a good couple of species already sighted we had high hopes. As we arrived we first checked the field opposite Westmere Farm for a Richards Pipit which had been present earlier that morning but unfortunately it was no where to be seen but the field was so big it could easily still be present. It wasn't a to good start but then someone told us about a male Black Redstart just across the road so we rushed over and soon enough there it was, sitting on a garden fence, showing really well, a top bird! We also had a chat with Andrew Dove who we have met at Spurn before and he told us about a few bits and pieces at Sammies Point like Yellow Browed Warbler and Ring Ouzel so we were going to have a look there but first we had a little walk across the Point but we didn't see much other than a couple of Reed Buntings.

Black Redstart
We got news of a Yellow Browed Warbler in the Crown and Anchor car park so we had a quick look there but we had no luck other than a Chiffchaff. We then started heading towards Sammies but first we had one last look at the Black Redstart where we had some more nice views but thanks to a few people who were watching it they told us hat the Richards Pipit was showing! We quickly went to the spot and although it took me quite a while to get on the bird I finally got to see it and got some nice views.

Richards Pipit
While we were watching it a Merlin flew over chasing some starlings. After seeing the Pipit we started our drive over to Sammies where on the way we had another Merlin fly over. Once we arrived we met Steve Furber who is someone I know of Twitter, after a while he kindly pointed out a Short Eared Owl to us which was hunting over the paddocks. We spotted a couple of Goldfinch feeding on some thistle which we stayed to photograph for a while.

Short Eared Owl
On our walk we also had 2 Med Gulls fly over plus near the end we had brief views of a Barn Owl. On the walk back I saw a big bird flying over the Humber I looked through my bins to see that it was a Great Skua! This was a very nice surprise. Just as we were about to leave a Woman told us of an American Golden Plover on Kilnsea so we rushed over. As we were walking people were saying it had flown towards the Humber but then some people were saying its back so we quickly went up to the viewing area. As we arrived Matt Bruce (someone I know off Twitter) said it had flown off but thankfully he was just joking around and it was still present! Matt let me look through his scope and I got to see the bird well! I was talking to a few other birders when someone said there is 2!! So I went to go and have a look at the other but on this one there was much debate on weather it was one or not but from the sounds of it now it sounds like it was one! I thought the day possibly couldn't get any better! A truly incredible and memorable moment! I also got to chat to Jonnie Fisk as well who I have seen many times at Spurn before.

American Golden Plovers
After an amazing day unfortunately we had to leave but it has been by far one of my best birding days this year!!!

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Superb Spurn!

This Weekend I was begging my Dad to take me to Spurn as it just looked amazing! On the Saturday there was Pied Wheatear, Citrine Wagtail, Olive Backed Pipit and tons of Yellow Browed Warblers so thankfully I managed to convince my Dad to go on the Sunday, I couldn't wait!

On the Sunday morning it didn't look to good as there didn't look like there was any sign of any of the birds accept the Yellow Browed Warblers but that was still good enough for me! As we were about to set of news came through of the Citrine Wagtail still being present so that was great news! When we weren't to far away we got news of an Arctic Warbler and a Little Bunting being trapped and ringed. For the Little Bunting we were only about 5mins away but we got a little stuck in traffic so unfortunately we missed it.

Once we arrived we went to Churchfield to see if we could spot the Arctic Warbler but sadly we missed that to! After a while of waiting we headed up to Canal Scrape in search of the Citrine Wagtail. Thankfully it was still present and showed amazingly well, it was right in front of the hide! It didn't seem bothered what so ever, such a tame bird. Definitly one of my fav birding highlights this year!

Citrine Wagtail
After watching the Wagtail for a while we headed up to the Warren to see if much was about. On the way a Merlin flew over our heads which was very nice to see! A Yellow Browed Warbler was showing in some trees just behind the ringing area where we managed to get some nice but brief views also in the trees there was a Willow Warbler flitting about. After we had a walk on the triangle where some people pointed out a Redstart to us which was a nice surprise, it was quite distant but still nice to see.
A little further down the path we spotted a Wheatear on some rocks near the Humber which showed nicely plus a Lesser Redpoll perched up nicely on a bush.


Lesser Redpoll
We then went to the Crown and Anchor car park where we added 2 more Yellow Browed Warblers to our list, both were pretty flighty but still very nice to see, I managed a record shot of one of them plus in the trees there was a couple of Goldcrest.
Yellow Browed Warbler
We then went to Canal Scrape to get seconds of the Citrine Wagtail but unfortunately it was no where to be seen however we saw a couple of Jack Snipe, one was fairly distant but my Dad spotted one which was really close and showed really well along with a Common Snipe.

Jack Snipe
Just as we were about to leave we got news of the Arctic Warbler being present but still we didn't see it. After a top day it was out time to leave.