Thursday, 26 December 2013

Boxing Days Birding

Today we went to Filey to do some birding. As we set of the weather was great but while we were drving there it became foggy but that eventually cleared once we had reached Filey.

When we arrived in the car park we noticed quite a lot of birds on a field next to it. On it there was Starling, Oyster Catcher, Redshank and some stunning Turnstone! We watched these amazing birds for a while before heading of to the cliffs.

Oyster Catcher
After that we had a walk around the cliffs. While we were walking along them me and my Dad spotted lots of Oyster Catcher flying across untill my Dad spotted something a little defferent. My Dad told me and I soon got my eyes on the bird, as I took a few shots I then comfirmed it was a stunning winter plumaged Red Throated Diver! Sadly we couldn't get very good views as it was quite distant.
Afterwards we had a walk along another part of the cliffs. On our walk along them we spotted Redshank, Fulmars, Oyster Catcher and lots of Cormorant.When we reached the end of the cliffs I spotted 3 ducks on the water, we soon got our scope onto them and then realised they were 3 cracking female Eiders! This was our first sighting of them for us so we were really pleased to have seen these great birds.

After a great days birding we headed home.


  1. I really like the first flying Oyster Catcher picture, it needs to clean that beak a bit. From Findlay

  2. Great post! Hope you had a good Christmas

  3. Great selection of pics Ellis , well done you two on another great birding session .

  4. Absolutely freezing but cracking afternoon (pleased we took the flasks) ;-)
    Super spot for the Eiders mate and some lovely shots