Saturday, 21 December 2013

An Early Christmas Present

Green Winged Teal
Today we went to North Cave Wetlands to see a Green Winged Teal which arrived at the reserve in the afternoon yesterday. It took about 30mins to get to North Cave. The weather was sunny which was great and it stayed like that for most of the day.

As we arrived at North Cave, firstly we went to the Turret hide which is were the Green Winged Teal was sighted. When we got in the hide we asked some people to see if it had been sighted, they replied "yes but it is quite elusive at the moment". We stayed for a while to see if it came out but it didn't so we decided to have a walk around the reserve and then afterwards go back to the hide to see if it was about.

While we were walking round the reserve we saw some entertaining Redwings and some Goldfinches. We later saw a big flock of Geese on a field next to the path, the geese were all Greylags. After when we had walked around the reserve we decided to go and have a check on the Green Winged Teal.

On the way to the hide we saw some very nice House Sparrows which kept us entertained for quite a while. When we reached the hide I soon got my binoculars out and started looking at the islands and then soon picked out the stunning Green Winged Teal! The teal was asleep most of time but sometimes it looked around. He was showing very well on one of the islands. The teal eventually flew of the island and landed on the water. It was brilliant to see this cracking bird.

House Sparrow


Green Winged Teal
After about an hour of watching this great bird we then decided to go home.



  1. Brilliant spot Ellis. We'd have been there all week if I was trying to find it!!

  2. Great day out you guys had , well done on seeing a cracking bird :-)