Monday, 30 December 2013

A Great End to the Year!

This weekend we went up to Newcastle to visit relatives for 2 nights. On Sunday we decided to go to Bradbury to try and find the Great Grey Shrike which has been hanging around the area for quite a while.

The Great Grey Shrike was in some trees which was viewable from a railway bridge. The journey was about a 20min drive but sadly we are not very good with directions so we drove straight past it. Instead we decided to go and try find some swans which were in a flooded field in Sadberge. The swans were an adult Bewick Swan and 3 Whooper Swans, adult and 2 juveniles. When we arrived we couldn't see them but we then saw them in another field so we drove to that field. When we arrived we got really good views of them. They were feeding along a big flooded patch in the middle of the field.
Bewicks and Whooper Swans
After that we then headed of to see the Shrike. When we arrived we walked up on to the bridge to join the rest of the assembled birders. We asked the people to see if it has been seen and they replied "yes but someone scared it of about 30mins ago". While we were waiting we saw Redwing, Fieldfare, Buzzards and a Kestrel. We were just about to go when BOOM! A birder cried out "I have got it!" We quickly ran over the the other side of the bridge to find the Great Grey Shrike sitting at the top of the trees! It then quickly flew to the other side of the bridge and landed in some other trees. We were extremely pleased to have seen this great bird. Most of the time it was sat up in the trees but sometimes it either flew onto the fence or onto the ground. It showed very well the majority of the time we were there.

Great Grey Shrike
After watching this awesome bird for about an hour we headed of back home.

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  1. Nice one Ellis. Really pleased we managed to see it and the Swans. A brilliant few hours, topping off a great year.