Sunday, 5 January 2014

Top Day at Tophill

Today me and my Dad paid a visit to Tophill low. As soon as we got out of the car we heard and then saw a Great Spotted Woodpecker which then soon landed in a tree right above our car. We enjoyed watching it make its way further up the tree looking for small insects in the tree. After that we decided to walk around one of the Reservoirs to look for more great birds.

We reached one of the hides which looked straight over the Reservoir. On the Reservoir there was Tufted Duck, Shoveler, Gadwall, Pochard, Black Headed Gulls and lots of Wigeon, we then spotted a group of different birds in the middle of the Reservoir, I got my binoculars on them and noticed that they were Goldeneye! In total there was about 2 Males and about 10 Females. Pretty much every time they dived they got a little closer to the hide.

Afterwards we had a walk in the woods which were just beside the Reservoir. In the woods we saw Blue, Great, Coal, Long Tailed and Willow Tits also we saw a Chaffinch and a Wren. We then got to one of the hides which were at the other side of the wood. From that hide we only saw a Moorhen and a Kestrel.
We then headed to another hide which was in another small wood at the other side of the Reservoir. Last time we came to Tophill in this hide we caught a nice Grey Heron fishing so we were hoping for another nice surprise in it today and guess what we did! We found a stunning White Fronted Goose at the back of the small lake feeding with a single Canada Goose! What a nice surprise! Sometimes it came right to the waters edge to take a drink but most of the time it stayed with the Canada Goose. I extremely enjoyed watching this fantastic bird.
White Fronted Goose

White Fronted Goose with Canada Goose

White Fronted Goose
After that brilliant surprise we didn't have much time left so we decided to go to the other reservoir to have a quick look in one of the hides. When we arrived in the hide the lake was absolutely filled with birds! On the lake there was Mute Swans, Gadwall, Wigeon, Mallard, Tufted Duck, Greylag Geese and a stunning Male Goldeneye. Along the scrapes there was about 50 Curlew and 3 Redshank. A man then told us that at the very back of the lake in the trees there was a Barn Owl! Although it was incredibly far away it was still great to see this awesome bird!
Barn Owl
Covered in mud we walked back to the car and headed of home after a fantastic days birding!


  1. HAha, that's brilliant Ellis.
    Some great birds and worth getting muddy for.
    Super day out.

  2. I fell in the mud a bit today as well. I bet today added some good birds to your year list. From Findlay

  3. Great day out mate , the year list is looking good :-) excellent selection of photos.