Saturday, 18 January 2014

Ibis Twitch

Today we decided to head up to Boldon in search of the 2 Glossy Ibis which have been hanging around the area for quite a while now. Sadly as we set of the weather wasn't very good, it was raining for most of the trip.

Once again we got lost looking for the spot (the directions not very clear - according to my dad), it took us at least 20mins for us to find it after spending 90mins travelling to reach Boldon. The Ibis were in a field which were viewable from Blue House Lane. This was very difficult to find (in our opinion). When we reached Blue House Lane we got out of the car and started looking. To be honest we weren't sure if we were heading in the right direction, we began trudging down a dirty track (after crossing a railway line) in the pouring rain. A bit miserable and thinking we weren't going to find them I suddenly shouted "there they are!!!". We were extremely happy to have seen them as we have always wanted to see Glossy Ibis in this Country. We absolutely loved watching them both feed in the field. Definitely the highlight of the year for me so far! All of the time we were there they showed very well which was amazing!

Glossy Ibis
Sadly after that superb moment he had to go home. We didn't have much time today as we set of quite late today but although we didn't have much time I was really pleased to have seen them.


  1. Fantastic birding session , and awesome photos :-) Glad i am not the only one who gets lost on birding trips lol

  2. You're gonna have to get better intelligence on these twitches mate. Or your taxi driver is gonna start charging :-))
    Great spot Ellis (thank goodness)...

  3. Well done, excellent photos. The one I saw yesterday was a real Shybis and wouldn't show itself properly, shame as it was the first I've seen for many years. Wonder if they'll stay to breed