Saturday, 30 November 2013

Cliffs and Valleys

Today our plan was to go to Forge Valley for Nuthatches and then afterwards head of to the cliffs around Flamborough and Bempton.

When we arrived at Forge Valley, we went to the part of the valley were there was some feeders. While we were watching out for the Nuthatches we saw on the feeders Coal, Blue, Great and Marsh Tits. We also saw a Robin and a few Chaffinches. After a while a beautiful Nuthatch finally dropped in which stayed for a while allowing us some superb views! We got within a few metres of this cracking bird.


Afterwards we went to Flamborough. When we arrived we decided to have a walk around the edge of the cliffs. While we were walking along we saw a few Cormorants go past also we saw a Kestrel hovering over the fields in the distance. We decided to find a good spot to do a bit of sea watching were we didn't see anything accept for more Cormorants.
After Flamborough we went to Bempton Cliffs. At Bempton we saw several Rock and Meadow Pipits in the fields which was a nice surprise. Also we saw a very nice Kestrel hovering over the fields, which was amazing to watch.
Afterwards the light started to go so we decided to go home but while we were walking through the visitor centre they had a live Peregrine on the cliffs from the Jubilee viewpoint! So we rushed of to the viewpoint as fast as we could before it took of. When we arrived sadly there was no sign of the bird but then my Dad spotted something flying low just of the cliffs and it turned out to be the Peregrine!
After a great days birding we went home.


  1. Sounds like a nice day out, not too cold yet either. Weathers on the change later nxt week though with Arctic air moving in brrrrrr. Get your hat and gloves ready buddy :)

  2. Glad you enjoyed it mate. Some nice photos. Not looking forward to that cold weather coming in.
    Think we'll just go to places we can watch from the car from now until spring ;-)