Sunday, 10 November 2013

A Great Day To Fly A Kite

Today we went to a place near Otley in search of Red Kites. As we set of the weather was great, there wasn't a cloud in the sky and although it was quite sunny it was very cold.

As we arrived all we could see were Red Kites! There was loads of them, some of them even landed in the field next to us but they were a bit to far away for a decent photo. Some of them flew right over the top of the car.
Red Kite
In amongst the Kites there was also a few Buzzards which were showing just as well as the Kites. Whilst we were watching 2 Red Kites perched up in a tree we noticed something come out of the wood we were standing next to, when I got a better look at it I noticed that it was a Fallow Deer! It came right out in the open allowing us to get some great views and photos.

Fallow Deer
After watching this beauty, we decided to have a little bit more of a walk around the area were we saw more Fallow Deer, a big herd of Red Deer and more and more Red Kites. Afterwards we decided to go and have a walk down by a river which we saw on the way there but while we were walking back to the car we noticed some birds flying around in the woods just ahead of us so we went over to see what they were. In the trees there was several Goldcrests, Coal Tits and a single Tree Creeper, at one point one of the Goldcrests came really close to us were we got cracking views.

Afterwards we headed of to the river. While we were walking down it I noticed a big flock of birds fly out of a field next to it, I looked through my binoculars and then knew that it was a big flock of Golden Plover! Around 300 in total. There was a path were you could enter the field so we went on the field to get a better look at the Golden Plover. On the field with them there was Lapwings, Black Headed Gulls, Ringed Plovers and in the distance there was a few more Red Kites. After about an hour of watching these great birds they flew off over the field into another field were we were not allowed to enter.
After we went home after a very enjoyable days birding!
Golden Plover


  1. Hi Ellis excellent photos and a great day out , well done mate

  2. Great morning out mate. Thanks for your company ;-)

  3. Great Blog Ellis keep up the Great Work - Ryan The Swan Whisper