Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Golden Moment!

Yesterday evening news popped up of a Golden Oriole in Thirsk which is only about half an hour away so  as you probably expected we were soon ready to go!

We got a little lost at first but thankfully we found the fishing lakes where it had apparently been spotted. A few Yellow Wagtails on the way in was a very nice bonus. We started walking towards the lakes on where it had been seen by and it came to our luck that we saw it straight away! It briefly flew across one side of the lake and then back again, it allowed us to have a very nice look through the bins at it and all the colours stood out very nicely. Afterwards we had a little walk round to see if we could see it in the trees but all we saw was a nice pair of Blackcaps. A big group of birders had now gathered and soon enough we spotted it quite distantly flying above the trees on the far side of the lake but unfortunately this view was very brief and the Oriole was gone quickly. While waiting it was amazing to see the amount of Swallows which were picking of insects off the water, it was great to watch! About 10 minutes later someone spotted it going over the lake fairly close to where we were standing so I quickly fired of a couple of shots and I managed to get a few decent record shots showing some distinctive features.

Golden Oriole
Afterwards we headed off after a very enjoyable day out. It has always been bird I have always wanted to see and it is one I will always remember!

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  1. So pleased we saw it. Great moment for me too waiting since I was probably younger than you to see my second ever bird (first in Austria). Great shots. Great night. Lovely people.