Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Brilliant Blacktoft!!!!

On Sunday we took a visit to RSPB Blacktoft Sands in hope of seeing the drake Ring Necked Duck and also we wanted to see the Montagus harriers again. We were hoping to get slightly better views of them.

We arrived about 2ish and then we started our walk round the reserve but before that I managed to find a Robin nest next to the reserve which is my first one so I was very happy! It had a total of 5 eggs. As soon as we entered the reserve we went straight to the Xerox Hide as this is where the Ring Necked Duck was viewable from. As soon as we entered the hide we spotted it next to one of the islands, it was pretty easy to spot as it was the only black and white duck on the water. It was quite distinctive with its different shaped head and the markings on the bill, it was quite a bit different to Tufties, a very nice bird to see! After a while of watching he made his way onto the island and went to sleep. After a bit someone shouted theres the male Monties, we spotted it quite distantly but suddenly it came right towards the hide and it came pretty close well at least a lot closer than last time!

Ring Necked Duck

Montagus Harrier
After we went to Marshland Hide well I think that was it called, from there we didn't see much other than plenty of Black headed Gulls, many of them had chicks also there was a Little Grebe on the water. We then went to the Reception area where the staff told us there was 2 Spotted Redshanks from the hide next to the First Hide so that is where we went next where we managed to spot the Spotted Redshanks plus with them was a Greenshank which was also very nice to see. We then went to the Singelton Hide where we saw the Male Monties again but from a distance also there was tons of Marsh Harriers. In front of the hide there was a couple of Sedge Warblers flitting around.
After a top day with 1 lifer and 2 year ticks it was time to go, it was a very enjoyable day!


  1. The name of the hide which the spotted reds and Greenshank could be seen is called Townend.

  2. Great afternoon. Pleased the RND decided to have a bit swim about.
    Nice photos and great blog Ellis.