Thursday, 1 January 2015


Our year started off with a bang, a LITTLE BUSTARD in Fraisthorpe just outside Bridlington!!! So this morning I nattered my Dad like mad to take me and thankfully he said yes!! I couldn't wait to head over. I was incredibly excited!

Within an hour we found the right spot (thankfully...) We then joined the huge amount of assembled birders looking into a field, we were more or less straight onto this incredibly rare bird but views weren't to good as we could only just see its head. We moved to the other end of field where we saw this great bird much better, fantastic scope views were obtained. I think the bird has been aged as a first winter male. After a little while the bird moved more over to the spot where we were at first so we moved back and got slightly closer. It was very nice to get a little closer to such a superb bird. I am incredibly pleased to see this fantastic bird. Here is a couple of record shots.

Little Bustard
A truly great bird! Afterwards we had a little walk around Thornwick Pool but sadly that didn't produce much other than a Mallard!

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  1. Great start to your year dude. Hope it's a sign of things to come for the rest of the year.