Sunday, 14 December 2014

Blyth's Pipit!

This weekend I was really determined to go and see Blyths Pipit next to Pugneys Country Park at Wakefield. It was only about 30 minutes away so it was definitely worth a try plus it would be my 250th bird in the UK which I was really trying hard to get before 2015.

Before we could go for it we went up to Northumberland on Saturday to Celebrate my Grandma's wedding anniversary. Most of the time I was out looking for anything unusual in and around the harbour. I found a big group of Eiders just beside the harbour and suddenly they all started coming towards me and within a couple of minutes they were all on the beach right next to me! It was really great to be so close to such fantastic birds.

There was also around about 10 Turnstones running around the beach and there was a single Rock Pipit flying around the harbour.


Rock Pipit
On Sunday after my brothers football, we headed of to Wakefield in search of the Blyths Pipit! When we arrived at the right spot we joined the huge amount of birders looking into the field of where it had been spotted. We asked a man if he had seen it and he said not for the last hour! So a little less confident we stood and waited but thankfully someone went into the field to try and flush the bird and within a little while the bird was up and flying around!!! In the next hour or so the Pipit was up about 4 more times and flying around very close at times. It was considerably bigger than the Meadow Pipits which were also in the area also the call was very different. I am so pleased I saw this cracking bird as it was my 250th bird in the UK plus it is one I will always remember. Here are a couple of record shots I took of this great bird.

Blyths Pipit


  1. Delighted it stuck around long enough for you Ellis. Great effort to capture the speedy little thing.
    Wonder what 500 will be ;))

  2. Great blog post Ellis. Smashing pictures of the Eider and well done with the Blyth's!

  3. Glad you came to see it - I may have been the man who searched the field ;-)

  4. Hi came across your blog via twitter. I have been taking lots of bird shots in Portugal but looking forward to a few months of photography back in the UK soon. Sounds like you have been getting some great sightings, congrats on your 250 th bird!

  5. how do I add the sidebar with links to other peoples Blogs? Ted