Sunday, 22 June 2014

Brilliant Bempton!

Today we went to Bempton Cliffs to meet up with Toby Carter and his Dad, Gary who I know from Twitter.

Before we arrived at Bempton we had a check on a Willow Warbler nest what we found at Wykeham forest but sadly it had been predated but we did get our best ever views of a Goshawk which flew really close by us.
After we then headed of to Bempton to meet Toby and Gary. In the roof of the visitor centre there was Swallows nesting, it was great seeing the parents feeding the chicks. When we reached the cliffs we went to a series of viewing points and as we got further along all the sea birds seemed to show much better. We also from one of the view points got brilliant views of a single Puffin.
At one of the viewpoints Toby spotted a very nice Meadow Pipit sitting on a fence post, it allowed us to get very close. Other birds around the cliffs included Razorbill, Guillemot, Gannets, Kittiwakes and there was also quite a few more Puffins. Quite a few birds had chicks and also loads of them were on nests.


Meadow Pipit

After we went to this bit where Gannets seemed to be coming really close and they were. They were only a few feet above our head and some landed really close to us.

Sadly for us it was time to head back but on the way back Toby was telling us about a Bee Orchid in the Bempton car park. When we reached the car park he showed us it and what a stunning little thing it was, it colours were amazing!
Bee Orchid
it was a really great day out, thanks for a great day Toby and Gary.


  1. Cracking days birding and excellent photo's , well done Ellis

  2. That's all right Ellis hopefully meet up again soon and some cracking pictures see you soon

  3. You had a great a great day. I really like that Puffin shot. From Findlay