Sunday, 23 March 2014

In Search of Eagles and Gulls

Yesterday we went in search of the White Tailed Eagle in Wykeham Forest and then afterwards go to Scarborough in search of Med Gulls.

When we reached Wykeham Forest we firstly headed of to the Raptor Watchpoint in search of the Eagle. As we arrived there was already a man watching across the valley, we asked him to see if he had seen the Eagle but he said no but he did say he saw a Goshawk. Within about 10mins a Goshawk came into view, although it was quite distant we enjoyed decent views of this stunning bird of prey. About 2mins later another Goshawk came to join the other one! This was brilliant! What awesome birds. About 20mins later at least 3 Buzzards also passed over. After waiting for a good hour we decided to get in our car and have a drive around the wood to see if we could spot anything. As we were driving my Dad spotted some thing very pale sitting up on a dead tree, we had a look through our binoculars and noticed that it was a Buzzard. We parked the car and decided to try and get closer to it. This was one of the most pale Buzzards I had ever seen! It was flying around with another Buzzard but this one wasn't as pale. They both gave great views flying around the field just in front of us. Eventually both of them flew over a hill were we didn't see them again.

After having no luck with the White Tailed Eagle we decided to go to Scarborough in search of the Med Gulls. First we decided to have a look in Scalby Mills to hopefully see some waders on the rocks. As we were walking along I spotted a Redshank which kept on creeping closer, it came within a few feet! As we were watching this great bird we also spotted a Curlew and many Common and Black Headed Gulls but no Med Gulls yet.
In the photo below you can just see it eating a crab.

Afterwards we went to Holbeck car park as there has been sightings of Med Gulls in and around the car park. On the way there it started pouring down with snow, hail and rain but thankfully as we arrived it all stopped. When we arrived there wasn't a single Gull in the car park. We went down this hill just in front of the car park as we saw some birds flying around in the bushes, in the bushes there was a stunning Male Bullfinch, a few Greenfinch and a Dunnock. While we were watching them my Dad looked up and shouted "Med Gull!" I quickly turned around to see it flying around the car park and then it landed in the car park! Me and my Dad crept closer and closer until we became within a few feet of this stunning bird. I was really happy to get really close to this awesome bird, most of the time it didn't seem bothered by anyone! They are fantastic gulls!  

Med Gull
After a while it flew of and then afterwards we waited for a while but it didn't come back. After this brilliant moment we headed of home after a fantastic days birding!


  1. Cracking report Ellis.
    Thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Some great shots there too

  2. Sounds like a perfect day adn they are cracking pictures as well. I really like the first Redshank one. From Findlay

  3. Great write up and pics Ellis , Med Gulls are one of my fav birds :-)

  4. Sounds like a great day out. Super photos of the Med Gulls- my favourite gull by far!