Sunday, 29 September 2013

Super Spurn!

Today we set off at around 10:30am to get to Spurn, as we set off the weather was superb there wasn't a single cloud in the sky. When we arrived at Spurn the weather was still great accept for the wind which was howling to say the least.

As we reached Kilnsea we stopped outside the Kew Villa caravan park because we saw a lot of birders stood at the side of the road looking up into the trees. We asked some people to see what they were watching and then one of the people replied 'Yellow Browed Warbler'. So we stood around for around half an hour catching a few glimpses of the Yellow Browed Warbler also when the Warbler had gone for a while there was a Redstart in the bushes behind us. After watching these 2 great birds we headed of back down the road to Spurn.
When we arrived in the main car park we walked up to the sea watching hide, this is on the edge of a small cliff and the wind was blasting into our faces. While we were there we didn't see much accept for a few GannetsCommon Gulls and a single Fulmar also in front of the hide there was a cracking Wheatear. Afterwards we went to some hides which usually had lots of waders in front of them, as we went into the first hide we were quite surprised to see hardly anything along the scrapes but we soon picked up some waders along the edges which included Grey Plover, Curlew, Sanderling, Oystercatcher, Knot and Bar Tailed Godwit. While we were watching them I noticed 2 birds flying around out on the sea, I took a closer look and then I noticed that they were Black Throated Divers, they kept coming up and then diving in to catch something after a while they started settle and land on the sea. Also a Brent Goose flew past! In the second hide there wasn't a single thing on the scrapes.

Brent Goose
After we decided to drive down to the lighthouse to see if we could see anything around that area we didn't see much accept a few Common Gulls but on the way there a Stunning Merlin flew over our car which was a fantastic surprise.
After a fantastic days birding we went home, we got 2 life ticks, Yellow Browed Warbler and Brent Goose!


  1. Great place to birdwatch Ellis, pity you never got to see the Firecrest, still some great birds and a YBW & BTD to boot :)

  2. Well done on getting two Lifers Ellis , great photos and an amazing day out you had a Spurn :-)

  3. Nice report of a great day Ellis.