Saturday, 10 August 2013

North Cave

Today we went to North Cave.

When we arrived we walked round to the first hide, when we were looking I spotted a few little grebes at the far end of the lake also the occasional sedge and reed warblers kept flying about in the reeds.

After we left that hide we walked down to another hide which over looked a small lake with scrapes on it, straight away I saw a common sandpiper on one of the scrapes which soon flew away to another scrape. On one of the other scrapes there was 3 Dunlin and a little ringed plover also right at the back of the lake on the very last scrape was a green sandpiper and Right at the front of one of the scrapes there was 5 common snipe feeding.

 When we started walking down this path, on a little field next to it there was quite a few grey and pied wagtails feeding on it along with quite a few goldfinches which were sitting at the top of the gorse, after that we heard an unusual sound at the top of one of the trees so we managed to get a decent look at the bird and it turned out to be a stunning corn bunting! We watched him for while until he flew back across the field.
Best I managed of the corn bunting

After we walked down the path a little more and then we saw a bird fly around in a little bush, when it came to the front of the bush we realised that it was a willow warbler, it flew around for ages which allowed to have very good views of it. When we were watching it a bird flew past us which landed in a tree so we looked in the tree for it and eventually it came into view, it was a Grasshopper warbler.
Willow warbler
When we had finished the walk we walked up this hill to get to another hide, this one again had quite a few scrapes on it but we couldn't see much until along one of the edges we spotted a little ringed plover family there was an adult and 2 juveniles and at one time they came very close to the hide.
Juvenile little ringed plover

Juvenile little ringed plover
After when we left the hide we decided to check one last hide before we went home. When we got in the hide we saw lots of common terns flying about, a few of them were adults and a few of them were juveniles also there was a little grebe nest at the end of the lake which had 3 chicks also occasionally the adult little grebe carried one of the juveniles on its back which was great to watch.
Juvenile common tern

After that we had to go home after a very enjoyable day!

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  1. Excellent blog post Ellis , great pics too , and well done to you and your dad getting 2 new lifers