Sunday, 7 July 2013


This afternoon we decided to have a visit to Allerthorpe common to look for adders!

When we walking through the wood to get to the scrub and heath we heard this sound which was coming from the wood and then we saw a bird fly over our heads it was a stunning Goshawk!

When we got to the spot for the adders we went over to probably the best area were they usually were, my dad lifted up one of the heat panels were they usually hid under and there was five female adders under it!

Four of the five female adders
After that we went over to another panel and there was another Female adder under it!
When we were walking around the heath we saw a bird fly out of the heath which was very close to us, my dad looked down and there a couple centimetres of the ground was a nest with one chick in but then we noticed that the chick was very big and it only looked a couple of days old so then we thought a Cuckoo may have layed her egg in there and then the chick had pushed all the other eggs out but we weren't 100% sure, we stood and watched for a while we kept on seeing the bird which was on the nest and then we got a quick look at it and we thought it may have been a whitethroat?
On the way back to the car we saw two cracking male linnets and two goldcrests

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  1. Excellent pics I have never seen an adder, as for chick it could be cuckoo as looks to big for whitethroat, that's what makes nature so great keeps us guessing