Sunday, 23 June 2013

RSPB Fairburn ings and RSPB St Aidans

When we arrived at Fairburn we walked down the path to the feeders on the feeders, when we got there we saw a stunning male Great spotted woodpecker eating the peanuts of the feeder, after a while he flew off then along came a red legged partridge to feed on the ground of the feeders. Also as we were watching the partridge a robin fledgling came to feed.

We started to walk down to the kingfisher hide on the way we saw 2 Jays up in the trees, we watched them fly round the trees for a while. Anyway when we got to the kingfisher hide we stood and watched for around 20mins but we didn't see anything.

We walked down to another hide which was near a lake, on the way we decided to stop and watch some coots build a nest, there were 2 adults building it and a Juvenile coot was helping them, it was great to watch, when we got to the hide on the lake there was Canada geese with chicks and I watched this beautiful little grebe swim around the lake also on the feeders just outside the hide there was another red legged partridge and a Grey squirrel.

After that we decided to go to RSPB St Aidans to try see the black necked grebes, when we arrived we walked down to the spot were they were sighted on the way we saw 5 kestrels, reed buntings, sedge warblers, skylarks, great crested grebes and meadow pipits, when we got there we looked around for a while and then we spotted 2 of them with a chick! i couldn't believe it, they were amazing to watch, they were feeding there young quite a lot of times which was great and the chick looked very healthy.  

On the way home we aslo saw 2 hobbys, a red kite and 2 more kestrels.


  1. Brilliant pictures of a great bird. From Findlay

  2. Excellent photos Ellis , your blog is looking good .